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– Don’t whinge girls, give him sex and two veg. ‘Isn’t that why you married him?’ says India Knight
William Hague does standup, as does John Prescott.
– A hilarious melodrama set in IKEA, without the store’s permission.
– Currently studying journalism, Marina Kim mixes news and perspicacious opinion, with a Kazakh/Russian bent.
Tehran photographers demand respect.
David Mitchell outlines the headlines of 2010, starting with the murder of the Chuckle Brothers, for charity.
– The insightful, investigative Anne-Laure Py takes a tour through north-western China on a quest to uncover Kazakh and Kyrgyz traditional music, sponsored by George Soros.
– Turkmenistan, soon to be a ‘load of crumbling marble towers’, according to The Economist, or me!
– Surprise, surprise, bankers aren’t really to blame, says Martin Wolf. In fact, the UK financial monocrop has been supporting Joe Public for years. No FT sub? Click here. Patrick Hosking disagrees, but with no data as evidence, who’d listen to him?
– The excellent Danny Finklestein explaining why strikes rarely solving anything, via East German’s back pain.

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