Pimp my rickshaw – Today in Dhaka

Old Dhaka hums with mundane daily life so alien to outsiders. Bangladeshis cannot comprehend how the outside world operates, but equally, outsiders have little idea of the daily going-ons of the flower merchants on Hindu Street who watch a flow of rickshaws, pedestrians and mopeds travel in one line in either direction past their stalls. Who understands the bus conductors, hanging from their tin boxes, whose once painted exteriors display more scratch than paint now. The loud speaker salesmen (!) or boatmen who’ve developed a technique much like a fish’s tail to propel their tiny craft through the motorway of overladen crosstraffic from one side of the old Ganges to the other demand your attention. The cardboard merchants, the snake charmers, tea stirrers, bottle collectors and rickshaw wallahs. Dhaka is rickshaw wallahs…it costs $100 to buy a rickshaw, but you wouldn’t dare not spend the additional $60 decorating it before it’s street-ready:

Today in Dhaka

3 thoughts on “Pimp my rickshaw – Today in Dhaka”

  1. Mr. Traveller… ,

    The UNPARALLEL glance, of observing every SUBTLETY while travelling,is INNATE in you..! And being a Bangladeshi I am admitting that your SECOND GLANCE of Old-Dhaka , Banhladesh is the THIRD GLANCE to me.!!! For I knew about it, visited once…buttttt grasp the ESSENCE of its mundanity through the lens of your camera……….!!! MAARHABA…

  2. Mr.Traveller,

    The UNPARALLEL glance ( of observing every SUBTLETY while travelling..) is INNATE in you…And being a BANGLADESHI I admit that your SECOND glance of Old-Dhaka, Bangladesh is the THIRD glance to me..For I knew about it, visited once….but grasped the essence of its mundanity through the lens of your camera…MAARHABA..!!

  3. Being a Bangladeshi I do admit that it is a third glance for me…..for I visited once,observed all but engulfed the essence of its MUNDANITY through the lens of your camera……

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